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The E/A Challenge

YOU DID IT! Exeter defeats Andover in the E/A Challenge

Thanks to the effort of 1,329 donors who supported Exeter and spread the word, our school staged a historic comeback. Down by 223 donors after the first day, Big Red alumni rallied to chip away at Andover's lead on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Then this morning, down by 121 donors, 377 more alumni stepped up to rally past Big Blue. When all the gifts were counted, Exeter held the lead by 31 gifts.

Thank you for making this an incredible week for Exeter and a great lead-in to Saturday's games. It's about pride, Exeter. And you've made the entire PEA community proud!

Our flag will fly over Andover's campus next week... stay tuned for pictures.

On Exeter's behalf, thank you.